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TQCI hosts both commercial and non-commercial web sites.  Connect your business to the world today.

Register Your Domain: 
The first step in creating your web site is to choose a domain name.  Go here and check on availability of the name your have chosen for your web site, and then register your domain.  Or we can do it for you.  Click here or on the Network Solutions logo above to register your domain. 

Monthly fees:  $49.95* includes 10MB web space, 10 e-mail accounts, local dial-up access to the Internet.  $34.95* if no local Internet access is required.

Web space: $5.00 per additional 5MBís

E-Mails: $2.00 per additional e-mail account

Hosting General Terms of Service:  By hosting your website with us, you agree to abide by these terms.

*Set up fee are not included in this amount.  Domain registration fees are billed separately..


We provide special hosting arrangements with non-profit agencies.  All non-profits are required to have a link back to TQCI.NET on their web site as a term of service with TQCI.NET.  Below are two examples of links you can use for TQCI.NET.

Please insert the following html code on your web page for the above graphic:  
<a href="http://home.tqci.net"><img border="0" src="http://home.tqci.net/images/tqci_logo_webhost.gif" width="144" height="61"></a>

Or create a text link

Web hosting provided by TQCI.NET

Please insert the following html code on your web page for the above link:
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="#808080">Web hosting provided by <a href="http://home.tqci.net">TQCI.NET</a></font>





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