Webmail Overview


What are Horde or Roundcube? Do they replace my current Email program?

Horde and Roundcube are the names of software that we use on our email server for web-based email. These programs provides our users a means to send and receive E-Mail over the Internet using any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Users are also able to view their e-Mail using any standard Internet browser on any internet enabled device.

What does this mean? In addition to checking your email using your email program, i.e. Microsoft Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc. our server will allow you to view your email messages over the Internet.

As an example, lets say I stop by the library. They have computers there, with an Internet connection. While I am there, I can use one of those computers to check my email without having to download my email on the computer I am using. Basically, our server takes your email message and formats it so you can view it like a web page.

Another example - lets say I am out of town visiting relatives. They have a computer, and Internet access. They dial in to their Internet Service Provider, then I push them out of the way and open up Chrome. I go to our homepage, and click the link for webmail. I enter my username and password, and viola! I can check my email without having to set up a separate email program on their computer, and I won't have to download my email to their computer.

This Web Based email feature is NOT meant to replace what you are already using.

Webmail is an additional resource for checking your email. It will prompt all users to enter their username and password each time. Your email program (i.e., Netscape Mail, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.) is designed to save your username and password on your personal computer, whereas this feature is accessible by everyone via the World Wide Web. Webmail is only offered as a convenience features for our customers. Webmail programs may change with server updates.

If you have any additional questions, please email techsupport@tqci.net