V.92 Modem Standard
What are V.92 and V.44?
V.92 is a dial-up modem standard from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) that introduces three new features:  QuickConnect, Modem On Hold and PCM Upstream

V.44 is a more efficient data compression scheme that promises users faster Internet throughput access speeds and faster downloading of Web pages. 
The new data compression gives an improvement in compression of more than 25 percent beyond the existing V.42bis.

What is QuickConnect?
QuickConnect will shorten the time your modem takes to make a connection to TQCI by storing your phone line characteristics and "remembering" them when you connect again.   For example, at the current V.90 modem standard, your modem takes from 25 to 35 seconds to connect.  QuickConnect will cut the modem connection time in half for most calls.

What is Modem on Hold?
Modem on Hold is call-waiting for your computer.  Modem on Hold enables a user who is on a phone line to answer an incoming phone call while remaining connected to the Internet.  Call-waiting from the telephone company is required on the phone line that you will use.  You can also initiate a phone call while connected to the internet and still keep your modem connection open.  Modem on hold will keep your internet connection on hold for up to 15 minutes when you answer an incoming call or initiate an outgoing call.  Never miss important phone calls again.

What is PCM Upstream?
Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) Upstream is a data compression standard that enhances modem speeds.  With PCM Upstream, modem speeds of up to 48 kilobits per second can be achieved. This is 48 percent faster than V.90 modems can support. 

Will my current modem upgrade to V.92/V.44?

Please visit your modem manufacturer's website for more information and drivers. 

We recommend the Zoom V.92 PCI Model 3025 modem.