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What we offer.....

  • TQCI.NET provides 13,000+ nationwide internet access. 
    Check here to see if we provide service near you.

  • 56K V.92 & ISDN capabilities.

  • Slipstream Web Accelerator*

  • Content Filtering

  • Access to over 100,000 newsgroups

  • 5 E-Mail accounts (includes ability to check your E-Mail with any standard Internet browser from anywhere)*

  • Add on personal homepage with 5MB's web space and your choice of FrontPage extensions or Unix-based with full CGI-BIN capabilities for only $5 more per month. *

    *available at additional cost.

    • Add-Ons

      • Extra E-Mail addresses
        $3.00 per month

      • Additional Web Space
        $5 per 5MB's

                       Terms of Service

Please call 301-863-6121 for business accounts

access available


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